Mobile app design / UX/UI / Sketch / January, 2018



Mobile app design / UX/UI


Sketch / Invision


school project

Created new app design as a school project. Before designing, created wireframes, prototypes, style guides, and user flows.


Product Description

SpotaLie is a fact checking app specially designed to help people verify facts in news articles in the internet/online.SpotaLie assigns truth ratings to online articles, highlights the line containing inaccurate information within the article, and provides the reader the option to see the actual facts from trusted sources.


Engagement Methods

Surprise and delight

SpotaLie brings the latest, breaking news to user’s attention. It will also alert users to new and different news stories outside of their set preferences to help expand the user’s understanding of local and world events.


If there’s a prominent event coming up, such as the State of the Union address or the Oscars, SpotaLie will highlight this. After the event it will showcase the most inaccurate stats (and their corrections) from news reports and from the event itself.


SpotaLie allows users to possess information that many others don’t have, and enables users to debate and discuss current events and issues with a foundation of accurate information. It creates a community of discerning news followers who can keep up with the latest stories and feel confident about the facts.